Germany finally abandoned Nord Stream 2

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Construction of the “Nord Stream-2” is terminated

The MPs from the Alternative for Germany party proposed to the Bundestag an initiative called “Ensuring energy security — supporting Nord Stream 2”. Party representatives believe that the completion of the gas pipeline is in the interests of Germany and Europe.

But according to the voting results, only 83 deputies supported it, and 556 rejected the application or abstained.

Thus, the German MPs did not agree that the completion of construction will allow Europe to diversify energy, increase competition and reliability of energy supply.

“Until recently, the German government left open the question of completing the construction of the gas pipeline, but it too will soon have to give a clear and clear answer. So the decisive battle between the USA and Germany for Nord Stream 2 is getting closer, “writes Die Welt.

Originally published at on November 20, 2020.

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